Custom Mouthguards

Research has shown that the part of the body most prone to sports injury is the mouth. In fact, there are more than 5 million teeth knocked out or “avulsed” each year due to injuries related to sports. An athlete is 60x more likely to damage their teeth if they are not wearing a mouthguard. Every athlete involved in contact sports has about a 10% chance per season of suffering an oral facial injury. During an athletic career, there is a 35-56% chance of sustaining such an injury. The results of a dental injury can be painful, costly and permanent.

According to the American Dental Association, more than 200,000 mouth related injuries are prevented annually in this country by athletes wearing mouthguards. Custom fitted mouthguards, specifically, are crucial in preventing such injuries. The American Dental Association recommends wearing mouthguard protection for the following sports:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Lacrosse
  • Field Hockey
  • Gymnastics
  • Wrestling
  • Boxing
  • Martial Arts

Other sports that should seriously consider proper mouth protection would include:

  • Skateboarding
  • Mountain biking
  • Motorcross
  • Four Wheeling
  • X-treme sports
  • Weight lifting
  • Skiing

There are three different types of mouthguards on the market today.

The Stock Mouthguard are preformed and comes ready to wear. The are inexpensive and can be purchased at any sporting goods store. They usually come in general sizes that you or your child must conform to. In addition, there is little to no adjustment for fit and they are a bit bulky. This makes it difficult to breath and talk with while playing your sport. Furthermore, these mouthguards provide little to no protection.

The Boil and Bite Mouthguard can also be purchased at any sporting goods store and is typically made of a thermoplastic material. It is placed in hot water to soften, then put in the mouth and shaped around the teeth by biting and conforming with fingers and tongue pressure. These mouthguards provide minimum to moderated protection.

The Custom Fitted Mouthguard works differently and is by far the most highly recommended type by the Academy of Sports Dentistry. This mouthguard actually conforms to your upper teeth, mouth and lips which significantly reduces the risk of dental and other head related injuries. These mouthguards are specifically designed and fabricated by a Dentist or Orthodontist to ensure the proper fit. This custom fitting provides the best protection due to its close fit, comfort, and cushioning (shock absorption) effect.

What are the major benefits of using a custom mouthguard?

  1. Protects your teeth, mouth and chin area.
  2. Protection from Jaw and neck injuries.
  3. Protection from concussions (high impact sports such as football).
  4. Allows you to breath easier.
  5. Allows you to talk and communicate better.
  6. Light weight, strong, easy-to-clean, and tear resistant.

How is a custom mouthguard made?

First, we take an impression or “mold” of your teeth and surrounding structures.

We then make a cast stone model from the impression.

We examine the size, shape, and number or teeth before selecting the proper thickness of material. We also take into consideration the type of sport you or your athlete is playing.

We fabricate the mouthguard by using a special machine that heats up the EVA laminate material and uses pressure up to 90 psi to accurately compress and conform the material to the cast model. This method is known as a “pressure-laminated” technique which produces superior qualities in fit and protectiveness.

Once the cooling process is finished, our lab technician will cut, trim, and detail the mouthguard so it fits you and only you.

After wearing it for a time or two, you're hooked. Your custom mouthguard becomes a part of your game, so use it to your advantage!

How do I get one made?

Great Question! If you are a current patient of ours, just ask a team member and we'll be more than happy to assist you. If you are not a patient of record, please call us at 1-888-75-BRACES and we will kindly schedule an appointment for you and your child to discuss our custom mouthguards.

Dr. Cooper has been making custom mouthguards for many years and for all levels of competition. He knows first hand the importance of these mouthguards with children, family members, and friends that compete in sports from the AAU level all the way to the professional level. In fact, he is a proud sponsor of the Metrolina Havoc Basketball Club and encourages all players to protect themselves while practicing and playing their prospective sport.

How do I take care of my mouthguard?

Taking proper care of your custom mouthguard is very important. This will help with the overall durability and fit as your season goes on. Following these instructions and helpful tips will make your investment worthwhile:

  1. Rinsing your mouthguard under cold water after each use is a must.
  2. Cleaning your mouthguard periodically with a toothbrush and toothpaste under cold water is advisable. This removes plaque and eliminates odors.
  3. Soaking your mouthguard in a mouthwash (Scope, Listerine) is also helpful and gives it a fresh minty taste.
  4. Storing your mouthguard in its case and in a cool place is a good idea. Remember, your pets love to chew on them!
  5. Keeping your mouthguard away from hot water, hot cars, your pockets, the washing machine, the dryer and napkins. It will distort and/or disappear.
  6. And last but not least, avoid chewing on your mouthguards like you see your favorite athletes do on T.V. This will cause your mouthguard to lose its excellent retention or fit.

As you can see, Custom Fitted Mouthguards are a big deal to us. We also highly recommend a new mouthguard for each athletic season to accommodate for growth, wear and orthodontic treatment.

So, if you're really interested in the best protection while playing your sport, we're here to help by making a Custom Fitted Mouthguard specifically for you. It's that simple!

Lastly, it's important to realize that a small investment up front for proper mouth protection is much better than the cost and pain of a serious injury later.